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The Hutcherson Family

"We love this program because it reflects the core values that brought us to HIES. This team has a strong sense of community; it’s a family. Every player is made to feel like they have something to contribute and no contribution is too small. Players don’t just grow their game; they build skills that will lead them to success in all areas."

Pictured left to right: 

Olivia (Jr), Kenneth (dad), Valerie (mom), Christian (brother), Devin (7th, brother) 

Hutchersons2020 copy.jpg

The Marshall Family

"Basketball is such a fun sport.  We have loved being a part of this program as we are a family of competitors!  As a former player, a former coach, and now a mama bear - it's been amazing watching my daughter be a part of this team.  We are grateful!"

Pictured left to right:

Annabelle (7th), Rooker (Freshman, brother), Mary Helen (mom), Peter (Jr, brother)


The Gluesing Family


"The Lady Bears program is special because of its purpose and professionalism and it's "whole girl" philosophy. Coach Dixon leads yet each coach inspires the girls to their best in his or her own way, from the 5th grade through graduation, while providing consistency in expectations of the girls for hard work, mental/spiritual/emotional/physical toughness, serving God and others and having fun. Coach Washington and Coach Wilkins bring experience that the girls relate to, and speak to what it takes to "get better every day."  It's this process and the special strategic and tactical talent of the coaches that reveal the Lady Bears' winning program.


One special aspect of the program is how the coaches model and ask the older players to support the development of the younger ones. Much of this is done during the off-season with team camps, tournaments on campus, group strength and agility training and opportunities for younger players and their parents to volunteer at the varsity events. The result is an organic ethos where girls are supported while they are taught how to realize their potential.


Our daughter may want to play ball in college. This program provides all the preparation and more for that ambition. However, even if she decides otherwise the Lady Bears' whole-girl approach will help her become a confident, loving, courageous, grounded person who knows what it takes to win at whatever she does".

Pictured left to right:

Wiley Gray (brother), Lori Gray (mom), Peyton (8th), Patrick (dad) 



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